Pol DURRUFF plastician Photographer  sculptor of pictures with relieves 3D

An engineer by training and materials specialist, Pol Durruff has used the most sophisticated equipments as electronic microscopes for plastics and metals examinations during his career.

From 2005 to 2009, he took over the responsibility of the training department of the French Photographic Federation (Federation Photographique de France).

At that time, he devoted himself entirely to fine art photography. He presents diverse photography collections that have been exhibited in various locations:

For more than 20 years Pol Durruff is testing and working on reflects in all of its forms…


These pictures are part of a suit called “Impressionism photographic”. The objective is to prove that photography could be closely linked to painting.

The water surface is frequently rough by breeze, wind, delivered stones, birds during their baths, insects. All of them create greater or lesser surges. Then symmetrical reflections become hazardous and produce fugitive moving reflections.


Today he realize sculpture and polishing on acrylic glass to obtain relief 3D on picture. It is an original method throughout the world created by him that permit to see the relief 3D, the movement and to bring life on the picture.